No Day But Today: Get Involved in Extracurricular Activities

“What else is there to do here?” This is often a question on the minds of college-bound students when they...

Visit campus before you accept an admission offer. it's the only way to make a truly informed choice.

Visit Campus Before You Accept

You should never enroll in a college sight unseen. Consider these points.

Five questions about joining a sorority - Ask these on your campus visit

Top 5 Questions About Joining a Sorority

Whether you're a third-generation legacy, or just wondering if joining a sorority would enhance your undergraduate experience, here are the Top 5 Questions to Ask About Sororities When Visiting Campus.

A Visit with Bach

A Visit with Bach

-- Planning to visit Rollins College, the University of Central Florida or Stetson University this fall? Why not plan your campus visit and take in a little Bach when you visit?

Reasons to Visit Campus

Reasons to Visit Campus

  Why should I read the book when I can watch the movie?  We've all heard that question before and...