Don't overlook club scholarships.

Scholarship Mom Tip #119: Don’t Overlook Club Scholarships

Don't overlook club scholarships like Elks, Masons, Knights of Columbus, and more. While some may require membership, not all do, and it's worth checking.

When it comes to college scholarships, don't put all your eggs in one basket.

Scholarship Mom Tip #118: College Scholarships – More is better!

Don't put all your scholarship eggs in one basket by going just for the big ones. The competition is less, and your chances are greater, the more you apply!

Scholarship Mom Tip #117: Beware Senioritis!

Beware of "senioritis" and the ill effects slacking off (or even appearing to slack off on social media) can have on your scholarship and college applications.

Juniors start the scholarship process now and beat the rush coming in the fall. Your recommendation writers will thank you.

Scholarship Mom Tip #116: Juniors Start Now

Juniors – start now. Starting your college and scholarship process early will not only help you navigate the extremely busy senior year with less stress, but it will help your teachers and administrators, too.

Scholarship Mom Tip #115: Always Type Scholarship Applications

Scholarship Mom Tip #115: Always Type Scholarship Applications

Students should always type scholarship applications, even if it means a little extra work.