What Not to Ask at Holiday Dinners: Quick Refresher for Relatives of High School Seniors

We’re kicking off the holiday season, and all those holiday dinners. You’ll likely be seeing some form of teenage relative...

Financial Aid Sallie Mae

Understanding Your Financial Aid Letters

The acceptance letters are rolling in! Like the Oscars and Golden Globes, it’s “award season!” It’s a happy time. But...

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Freshmen: Should I Bring My Car to Campus?

A question frequently asked during a college visit information session is “Can I bring my car to campus?” The answer...

It's never too early to begin work on the college essay.

Q & A with Paying for College Expert Sallie Mae

Sallie Mae brought their expertise on the FAFSA and paying for college to CampusChat, Wednesday, September 21, 2016. Read the Q&A for expert FAFSA tips.

WilliamPaid: Building Credit One Rent Payment at a Time

WilliamPaid: Building Credit One Rent Payment at a Time

For many, renting an apartment while in college is a student's first step to living on his or her own....