Frugal Student Tip #15 – Save Money With Less

Frugal Student Tip #15 – Save Money With Less

Did you ever think about the fact that the people who are telling you how much detergent to use are selling you detergent?

Check your receipt, or you may wind up throwing money in the trash.

Frugal Student Tip #11 – Check Your Receipt

You know to avoid money mistakes like late fees, but if you don't check your receipt, you may be throwing dollars into the trash as you leave the store.

Frugal Students Know: You Never Ever Shop Hungry!

Avoid impulse buying by learning store tricks and your own triggers.

Frugal Student Tips:  Thrifting

Frugal Student Tips: Thrifting

On a budget? Is saving money a priority? Then thrifting is the way to go. Don't turn your nose up at the idea of shopping at the thrift store. Here's why.