student soccer august news

What Student-Athletes Need to Know: NCAA August Round-Up

What do student athletes need to know right now? There are three top points to keep in mind heading into the fall 2020 semester.

second monitor

An Ode to the Second Monitor: Remote Learning Tips

I'm suspecting almost every student in America is learning online in some way this year. What's my number one tip for learning online? A second monitor.

virtual college tours online

Virtual College Tours: The Future of Campus Visits With Campus 360

Virtual college tours have advanced dramatically in the last few months. We're betting you'll fall down a campus visit rabbit hole once you dive in.

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In Defense of the Mediocre High School Schedule

After a nearly two decade college admissions stint, I took a step away from the full-time rat race last year....

College Move-In Fall 2020: The COVID-19 Edition CampusChat Live

It’s time to head to college, students. It’s college move-in time! Yes, there’s still a pandemic on, but your colleges...