Visiting Colleges in Chicago? Consider a Weekend in the Windy City

Chicago is my kind of town. From the breathtaking architecture, to the fabulous shopping on the Magnificent Mile, to their infamous Chicago pizza, the city offers visitors a plethora of activities for a weekend visit. If you’re visiting any of the colleges in the Chicago area, why pass up an opportunity to spend the weekend in the Windy City?

Parent College Coach Tip #96: Use Apps for College Visits

Parent College Coach Tip #96: Use Apps for College Visits

Parents and students are using apps for all stages within the college prep process. Imagine being able to be guided on a tour with your smartphone. Or being able to plan college visits before you go on them. Or being able to organize all your visits to search and find the schools by uploading photos to serve as a reminder of your visit.

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Being Thankful: Learning About Your Student Through College Visits

Aside from finding the right college fit, a campus visit can lead to helping your teen find the right next steps in life.

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Beginning College Visits with My Son

And, we're off! College visits have begun and I'm learning how quickly the process has to be adapted to fit the college-bound student.

How many colleges do you need to visit? You don't have to make a campus visit to every college on your list.

How Many Colleges Should You Visit?

How many colleges should you visit? There is no magic number, but maybe this information will help you find the right number for YOU.