How many colleges do you need to visit? You don't have to make a campus visit to every college on your list.

How Many Colleges Should You Visit?

How many colleges should you visit? There is no magic number, but maybe this information will help you find the right number for YOU.

Five questions about joining a sorority - Ask these on your campus visit

Top 5 Questions About Joining a Sorority

Whether you're a third-generation legacy, or just wondering if joining a sorority would enhance your undergraduate experience, here are the Top 5 Questions to Ask About Sororities When Visiting Campus.

Plan Your College Visit to Avoid Surprises

Plan Your College Visit to Avoid Surprises

Keep in mind that some colleges do close for a day, a week, or more -- and often these closures fall right when you happen to have time off to visit (major holidays, for example). Don't waste a trip. Plan ahead!

College Visit Don’ts

Visiting college is such an important step, and it is time consuming and expensive. No pressure, right? It's o.k. -- visiting colleges also can create some of your best travel memories ever. Just be sure not to fall into any of these potholes on your journey!

Planning college visits in the fall

Planning Ahead: Visiting Colleges Before the Senior Year

High school sophomores and juniors: begin planning your college visits now. It's the best way to find your college fit.