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  • I’m a Proud Terrier: a Boston University Story

    Making a decision on college is one of the most pressing times in a student’s life. Almost every person they talk to brings it up, just caking on the pressure. Luckily, I had some idea about where I wanted to go because I have a guidance counselor for a mom and she knows the importance of visiting colleges. I had it narrowed down to three: Washington State University, University of Washington, and Boston University. They all had something I wanted out of a college, but once I visited Boston University, it was love at first sight.
    The first time I had ever been to Boston, we only spent two days in the city and I was already in love with the city. It had a unique feel to it; it was a city, but not overwhelming, and it had a small town feel without being boring. I knew after that first trip, I would definitely be visiting again soon to further enjoy what Boston has to offer. That desire fueled my decision to apply to Boston University. I already knew I loved the city and why go somewhere for college if you don’t love where you are living? Boston is especially accommodating to college students because they make up a good portion of the city’s population. There are over 60 colleges in the area; it’s impossible to have nothing to do. Everyone tells you that you have to make your college years count and I knew I could in Boston.
    Besides the fact that BU has one of the most established communications programs in the country, the school is well connected in the “real world” and accommodates its students well above what is expected. Students like to joke that it’s “all inclusive” in the price of tuition, which is no pretty figure. But seeing this school made me realize that it was worth the money. Besides the rest of the welcoming faculty, our Dean of Students, Dean Elmore, makes sure every prospective student he meets feel like BU is his or her second home. Mission accomplished, Dean Elmore.