Personalized Planning

College Visit Preparation Is A Big Job

“Where do we even start?” That’s the number one question we get from students and parents as they approach the college visit planning phase. We totally understand that creating a college visit plan and strategy takes time and research. As such, we’re now offering customized, personalized college visit planning as a service to families, to get you off on the right foot.

Let the Professionals Do the Visit Planning for You

Are you visiting Grandma? Going on vacation? Thinking about “checking out a college or two” on the way there or the way back? Are you just overwhelmed by the possibilities close to home or in your home state? Maybe you want to go just so far away from home … but not past that. Or you are dead set on a major and you want to know what schools offer that (and are those programs any good?)

We can help. We’re travel planners with 20+ years of college admissions and counseling experience, and we have a good grasp of timelines, planning, and what you need to know before you even get into those college towns.

Your Personalized Planner

Sounds good, right? What do you need to do to get this process started? First, fill out the contact form below. Once we get your basic information, we’ll email you, or arrange for a quick phone call, to find out what’s most important to you. After that, we’ll get to work. You’ll receive a mobile-optimized webpage containing 2-4 schools in the areas specified (if possible), driving information between them, individual school profile information, relevant links, and visit and tour information. We’ll also send you links to recommended hotels and restaurants, and town guides too. And you’ll get a PDF version of the page (for anyone who wants to print it out… we’re looking at you, Dad.)

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