Fort Lewis College, Durango Colorado, source Fort Lewis Foundation

Searching for the Perfect College? Maybe You Should Watch More TV

Earlier this year, I wrote an article about how one might conduct a college search from the comforts of your...

2024 marist mindset list

2024 Marist Mindset List: A New Perspective, New Kindness

UPDATE 9/8/2020: As predicted, the new Marist Mindset List is a forward thinking snapshot of “how” the Class of 2024...

classes move online covid-19

Campuses Close Due to COVID-19; Classes, Visits Move Online

If you’re an admitted student or a high school junior planning spring college visits, chances are the college or university...

summer college visits

Summer College Visits: Sallie Mae Facebook Live with Smart College Visit

Are you trying to figure out how and when to do college visits during the summer? Well, you’re in luck....


10 Things to Expect from Your College Orientation

At many colleges and universities, Orientation looks a bit different these days.  It’s been proven if you help students with...

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