virtual college tours online

Virtual College Tours: The Future of Campus Visits With Campus 360

Virtual college tours have advanced dramatically in the last few months. We're betting you'll fall down a campus visit rabbit hole once you dive in.

summer college visit checklist

Summer College Visit Checklist

It’s time to jump in the car and crank the A/C. Are you ready for summer college visits? We have...

Smart College Visiting: Checking Out Three Urban Campuses in Two Days

It’s July. School is out. And with a rising junior in the house, we’re taking every chance to visit college...

Travel Planning Resources

Travel Planning Resources

Travel planning? It's what we do! Take a look at these resources to take your planning to the next level.

The Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas: An Assassin’s Lair

The Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas: An Assassin’s Lair

A visit to Dallas area colleges would not be complete without a visit to the Sixth Floor Museum in the Texas Book Depository. This is the building where Lee Harvey Oswald shot President John F. Kennedy.

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