How Telemedicine Services Can Help the College Student

Editor’s Note: This article originally ran before fall semester 2019. Now, with cancellations and new standards in place due to...

dorm room ideas

Frugal Dorm Room Ideas: College Essentials On a Budget

It’s the summer before your freshman year of college. Need some dorm room ideas? You’re moving into a small room...

college student social media

Your College Student and Social Media: Creating Communities Before Move-In

Worried about your new college student and social media? Now that it’s summer, phones are lifelines to their friends. They’re...

how to drink safely in college

Because It’s Going to Happen: How to Drink Safely In College

There will be drinking at college. Period. If you are going to try it, make sure you are smart about it. For one thing, never ever drive drunk. Just don't. With Uber, Lyft, and college ride services, there is just no reason to.

The Bare Necessities (For a College Dorm)

Don't leave home for college without the right college dorm necessities!

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