Four Red Flags To Help You Avoid College Scholarship Scams

Unfortunately, many scholarship pages listed on a scholarship search are click-bait by companies whose main goal is to get as much information as possible from unsuspecting students. Learn how to spot a shady scholarship with these tips.

Scholarship chat with Danielle Jeffers, founder of Dough4Degrees

Dough4Degrees Scholarship Chat: Danielle Jeffers

Danielle Jeffers, founder of Dough4Degrees, has great tips for any student willing to take charge of their college costs and scholarship search.

4 Times ‘Gilmore Girls’ Lorelai Made Rory’s College Career Harder

As long-time superfans of this show, we couldn’t be happier about a new Gilmore Girls! But as college admissions experts, they had us cringing at Lorelai and her attitude surrounding Rory’s college search process. Don’t get us wrong: We love Lorelai! Coffee coffee coffee! But a lot of her choices during Rory’s final Chilton years and how she supports (or doesn’t support) Rory’s decision-making process is a parent’s college search nightmare...

financial aid deadline

What Happens When You Miss the Financial Aid Deadline?

Deadlines are critically important during college prep. Test deadlines, application deadlines, FAFSA deadlines and more can have far-reaching ramifications. Be smart and keep a calendar of all college deadlines.

organized dorm room

From Ordinary to Organized: Make the Most of Your Dorm Room

Begin college organized and you'll be on your way to an easy transition from home to dorm. Check out these 6 tips for an organized dorm room.

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