How Telemedicine Services Can Help the College Student

Editor’s Note: This article originally ran before fall semester 2019. Now, with cancellations and new standards in place due to...

SAT student search

College Board Explained: What is the SAT Student Questionnaire and Student Search Service?

Once upon a time, I served as an SAT Test Center Administrator. Part of my duties included hiring proctors to...

pg year athletics post-graduate

‘PG Year’ Explained: How a Post-Graduate Year Can Help

Have you ever heard of a PG or post-graduate year? Not many people have. And in some cases, a PG...

AP exam changes books

A B in AP or an A in Regular Class?

For many high school students, summer means turning in a list of requested courses for the next year. Admission offices...

college student social media

Your College Student and Social Media: Creating Communities Before Move-In

Updated June 3, 2020 Worried about your new college student and social media? Now that it’s summer, phones are lifelines...

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