college student social media

Your College Student and Social Media: Creating Communities Before Move-In

Worried about your new college student and social media? Now that it’s summer, phones are lifelines to their friends. They’re...

summer experiences

What Summer Experiences Look Best On College Applications?

What’s one of the most popular questions admissions representatives get? I can’t tell you how often a student would ask...

FERPA Facts: Waivers, Parental Rights, and Exceptions

As students are getting to know their way around their new university dashboards, we hear a lot of questions about...

summer bucket list

Summer Bucket List: 10 Things New College Freshmen Should Do

Prom is over. Finals and AP Exams are over. And graduation is over. And for the first time in your...


Curbing Senioritis: How Colleges Review Final Grades

Seniors! Got a bad case of senioritis? Is dragging yourself to high school like a punishment right now? You’ve (hopefully)...

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