students and money

Students and Money: How COVID-19 Is Changing Financial Planning

How has the coronavirus changed college students’ financial planning and preparedness? WalletHub recently conducted a national survey, asking about students...


Still Undecided for Fall 2020? These Colleges Have Available Spaces

This spring is definitely not the typical admissions cycle. With the uncertainty of final grades, travel, and finances, choosing a...

take a semester off of college

Coronavirus Impact: Choosing to Take a Semester or Year Off of College

As more colleges start to consider staying online for fall 2020, we’re reading more advice and news about what students...

lifes not fair

When Life Isn’t Fair: Coronavirus, Rejections, WiFi, and More

One of my part-time jobs is working as a writing coach for students who are applying to colleges. This past...

college while quarantined

College While Quarantined: Best Practices for Learning Online

Due to the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the majority of U.S. colleges and universities have shifted, or will shift,...

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