coronavirus college student

Coronavirus and Your College Student

Are you talking or thinking about the coronavirus, or COVID-19? Join the hand-washing club! And there are a lot of...

folgers ad peter comes home returning college student

‘But You Just Got Home!’: Living With Your Returning College Student

It’s mid-December. All over the country, masses of returning college students are pouring back home, with full laundry bags, and dark...

lawnmower parent

Move Over, Helicopter Parents: Lawnmower Parents Have Taken Over

Are you a helicopter parent? Do you hover over your child? Well, you’re out of fashion. The helicopter parent has...

college application definitions types

Smart Definitions: College Admission Application Types

If you are a high school senior and you’re applying to colleges, you should know there are several different college...

When Your Child Turns 18 and Goes to College: What Parents Need to Know

Updated June 18, 2020 Yes, it happened in the blink of an eye. Your baby has morphed overnight into an adult....

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