second monitor

An Ode to the Second Monitor: Remote Learning Tips

I'm suspecting almost every student in America is learning online in some way this year. What's my number one tip for learning online? A second monitor.

Want to Lodge a College Complaint? Here’s Who to Call on Campus

There’s a lot of scary information being thrown around regarding colleges reopening this fall. And a lot of students and...

Is That Honor Society Legitimate?

It’s officially summer! School is out for real (not just for COVID-19)! And now that your student has officially moved...


Online High School: When ‘Logging In’ Is a Better Fit Than ‘Going To’

Do you have a kid who thrived with online learning during the big COVID closure? Is the idea of going...

empty nest during a pandemic

Empty Nest During A Pandemic: Facing Your Fear and Grief in 2020

If you’re a parent facing an “empty nest” this fall — your child or children are heading off to college...

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