College Interview Time? Dress Appropriately

How you dress for your college interview will send a strong message before you even have a chance to say “hello” to your interviewer.

Applying undecided -- should you or shouldn't you?

Applying Undecided: Should You or Shouldn’t You?

Does it make sense to pick some major you're not even sure about just so you aren't "undecided" on your college application? Probably not, but ...

Teach your teen budgeting tips before they start the college search process.

Teen Budgeting Tips

Parents -- Teach your teen budgeting tips before you're in the middle of the college search process. It will help everyone in the long run.

Don't miss this college essay grammar tip, if you want everything to be all right. Hint: "alright" is NOT all right!

College Essay Grammar Tip

Writing your college admissions essay? Filling out scholarship applications with essay requirements? Watch out for grammar gotchas -- things you may feel are fine that are not considered correct for formal use.

Follow Budgeting Tips

Follow Budgeting Tips

Our Frugal College Student Tips series can help you make sure you don't run short before your next payday.

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