change majors

Is It OK to Change Majors in College?

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” As a college senior, you’ve more than likely heard that...

how do you do, fellow kids

Maybe We’re Not As Old As We Thought: Why the Beloit College Mindset List Needs New Authors

Because we’re college admissions geeks, we eagerly await the new, annual “oh my gosh, we’re so old” Beloit College Mindset...

Visit campus before you accept an admission offer. it's the only way to make a truly informed choice.

Visit Campus Before You Accept

You should never enroll in a college sight unseen. Consider these points.

Becoming a College Parent

Becoming a College Parent

The journey of the college parent ventures into the scary place of letting go -- not of the child, but the young adult.

The College Search: Where Do I Start?

When you realize there are more than 3,500 colleges in the U.S., not to mention great options abroad, it may seem like college rankings are the logical place to start the college search. Perhaps. Then again, perhaps not.

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