orientation welcome

FERPA vs FAFSA: What I Learned at College Orientation

I just returned from my student’s college orientation. And boy am I tired! Jokes aside, you might think, after working...

buying a computer for college

Buying a Computer for College

Trying to figure out about buying a computer for college? One of the things I did not realize we’d do...

double deposit acceptance letter

The Double Deposit: When You Accept More Than One School

May 1 is the day that screams anxiety for a lot of high school seniors. If you’re holding a bunch...

homeschool transcripts

Everything You Need to Know about Creating Homeschool Transcripts

Creating a transcript for a homeschooled student is perhaps one of the hardest tasks for homeschooling families. After reviewing thousands...

accepting offer wait

When to Accept the College Offer: Why You Should Play Hard to Get

It’s April. You’ve received multiple acceptance letters from universities, maybe even one from your dream school. You know May 1st...

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