sat adversity score

College Board Adversity Score Being Replaced; Old Idea Was ‘Mistake’

In May 2019, the College Board announced plans to create an “adversity score,” a socio-economic number based on fifteen factors...

adulting the game

Adulting: The Game

I moved my daughter to college last weekend. It was joyous, scary, exciting, and sad all at the same time,...


How Telemedicine Services Can Help the College Student

As students pack up to head to college, a lot of them are not only leaving their parents and families...

dorm room appliances

Dorm Room Appliances: Items to Complete Your Tiny Kitchen Area

We recently shared 73 easy-for-a-student-to-make recipes. But what good is that list without the dorm room appliances you need (or...

paying for college tips

Last-Minute Paying for College Info: Sallie Mae Facebook Live

College bills are being generated, and as such, college costs have turned from estimates to actuals. How to pay for...

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