how well do you know your teen

How Well Do You Know Your Teen? 21 Questions to Ask the College-Bound Student

We’ve all seen those surveys on social media. You know, the ones where you answer how you THINK the other...


12 Great Holiday Gifts for Students Who Have Everything

The holidays are upon us! We all want to find the perfect gift for our loved ones, whether it’s a...

What Not to Ask at Holiday Dinners: Quick Refresher for Relatives of High School Seniors

We’re kicking off the holiday season, and all those holiday dinners. You’ll likely be seeing some form of teenage relative...

What are Naviance, Scoir, BigFuture, and Khan Academy

Admissions and Education Companies: What are Naviance, Scoir, BigFuture, Khan Academy?

“Back in my day,” I tell my kids, “we got a college application at a fair, maybe two in case...

sat adversity score

College Board Adversity Score Being Replaced; Old Idea Was ‘Mistake’

In May 2019, the College Board announced plans to create an “adversity score,” a socio-economic number based on fifteen factors...

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