second monitor

An Ode to the Second Monitor: Remote Learning Tips

I'm suspecting almost every student in America is learning online in some way this year. What's my number one tip for learning online? A second monitor.

college covid-19 rules

College and COVID-19: Four Reasons Students Should Play By the Rules

If your college has created a plan to have in-person or on-campus instruction or even, gasp, life, and you’re able...

Cut Tuition for Online Classes

No, Universities Aren’t Going to Cut Tuition for Online Classes

As a parent of a college student, I’m very much attuned to the facts and fears surrounding campus reopening plans...

Want to Lodge a College Complaint? Here’s Who to Call on Campus

There’s a lot of scary information being thrown around regarding colleges reopening this fall. And a lot of students and...

different on campus covid

COVID-19: 5 Things That Will Be Different on Campus This Year

As freshmen and upperclassmen start thinking (dreaming?) about heading to college this fall. They’re going to be packing more supplies...

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