SAT exam

Test Optional? Coronavirus Pushes More Colleges to Drop SAT, ACT

High school juniors are trying to figure out what to do with recently cancelled SAT and ACT dates. due to...

gap year coronavirus

Coronavirus Cancellations: Is This the Time for a Gap Year?

There has never been in recent history a year like this for high school seniors. World pandemics have little respect...

sad student coronavirus cancellations

Senior Year Coronavirus Cancellations: Supporting Your Grieving Student

High schools and colleges all over the country have closed due to the risk of Coronavirus transmission — some for...

coronavirus college decision

3 Things to Do While Waiting for College Decisions

Are you playing the Waiting Game waiting for college decisions to be made? While many colleges do rolling admissions now...

how well do you know your teen

How Well Do You Know Your Teen? 21 Questions to Ask the College-Bound Student

We’ve all seen those surveys on social media. You know, the ones where you answer how you THINK the other...

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