Frugal Student Tip #4 – Shop In Your Own Closet

Spending big money on a new costume for Halloween? That's scary! Boo!!

Frugal Student Tip #3 – Don’t Catch Spending Envy

Splurging on non-essentials is not a race -- and you don't win anything for keeping up. Don't spend money just because your friends are.

Frugal Student Tip #2: Don’t Drink Your Dollars

There’s a reason financial counselors developed the term “latte factor.” Sure it’s fun to be out and about and get a delicious beverage, but many people drop more money on coffee these days than they realize. What does $5 per day for nine months come out to? Big money!

Frugal Student Tip #1 – Don’t Pay Twice

Frugal Student Tip #1 – Don’t Pay Twice

If you're a frugal student you will focus on the cost of tuition, fees, room, and board (as well you should), but don't overlook living expenses for the nine months you're away at school. Find out what the mandatory fees you already are paying cover, so you can avoid paying twice! (Flu shots, counseling, bus fare, exercise classes, just to name a few.)

college roi

Calculating the College ROI: Is College Really Worth the Cost?

Everyone knows a college education is a valid goal, but it makes sense to step back and consider why. Rankings of "best" are fine, but what are your own reasons for pursuing a college education? Keep these in mind to make sure your college choice is, in fact, the best place to enroll to meet them.

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