Your student ID card can be the key to student discounts.

Frugal Student Tip #9 – Ask For Student Discounts

Your student ID card may be the best discount card you have. Ask for student discounts anywhere you shop, online or out and about.

Fiscal responsibility - Avoid money mistakes

Frugal Student Tip #8 – Avoid Money Mistakes

Frugal students who need to watch their spending should avoid money mistakes that are preventable, like these examples.

Frugal Students Know: You Never Ever Shop Hungry!

Avoid impulse buying by learning store tricks and your own triggers.

Frugal Student Tips:  Thrifting

Frugal Student Tips: Thrifting

On a budget? Is saving money a priority? Then thrifting is the way to go. Don't turn your nose up at the idea of shopping at the thrift store. Here's why.

Avoid frivolous expenses. Question every purchase.

Frugal Student Tip #5 – Question Every Purchase

Question every purchase before you even touch the item. This will keep your money in your pocket instead of the store's.

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