college cost saving

College Cost Saving

Here’s a college cost saving tip: See your advisor. College cost saving is a top concern of parents and college-bound...

Getting Ready to Pay for College? Read This First by Sallie Mae®

Getting ready to pay for college? Did you know scholarships and grants cover 35% of college costs? That’s the largest...

Frugal Student Tip #15 – Save Money With Less

Frugal Student Tip #15 – Save Money With Less

Did you ever think about the fact that the people who are telling you how much detergent to use are selling you detergent?

Frugal Student Tip #14 – Make Money – Sell Your Stuff

Frugal Student Tip #14 – Make Money – Sell Your Stuff

Cash-poor but item-rich? You may be able to make money by selling things you no longer need or want. Use these tips to get informed and be safe.

Verify proper postage before mailing your scholarship application in. Don't let a few cents knock you out of the running.

Frugal Student Tip #13 – Save Money – Repair or Re-purpose

"Use it up, wear it out, make do, or do without." This phrase was popular during World War II when resources were scarce. If you're a frugal student, your resources are worth saving, too.

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