css profile vs fafsa

When the FAFSA Isn’t Enough: What Is the CSS Profile?

You hear us talk about the FAFSA a lot on SCV. Filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid...

Fiscal responsibility is a necessary life skill

Fiscal Responsibility: The Neglected Student Lesson

How many students actually learn and practice fiscal responsibility. Know before you go!

college cost saving

College Cost Saving

Here’s a college cost saving tip: See your advisor. College cost saving is a top concern of parents and college-bound...

Getting Ready to Pay for College? Read This First by Sallie Mae®

Getting ready to pay for college? Did you know scholarships and grants cover 35% of college costs? That’s the largest...

Frugal Student Tip #15 – Save Money With Less

Frugal Student Tip #15 – Save Money With Less

Did you ever think about the fact that the people who are telling you how much detergent to use are selling you detergent?

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