mistake on the fafsa

What to Do When You’ve Made a Mistake on the FAFSA

I wasn’t sure what to do first: throw up or have a heart attack. My student’s financial aid package read...

Financial Aid Sallie Mae

Understanding Your Financial Aid Letters

The acceptance letters are rolling in! Like the Oscars and Golden Globes, it’s “award season!” It’s a happy time. But...

Paying For College Facebook Live Sallie Mae

Paying for College: Talking Practically About an Emotional Subject

Money. It’s a difficult subject. And having a frank discussion about money and finances with your student as they plan...

css profile vs fafsa

When the FAFSA Isn’t Enough: What Is the CSS Profile?

You hear us talk about the FAFSA a lot on SCV. Filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid...

scholarship money

How Your Effort Can Equal Money: The New College Board Opportunity Scholarships

Work hard and it’ll pay off, right? That’s what everyone (including us!) will tell you. But what if you could...

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