application essay

My Favorite College Admissions Application Essay Ever

Last week you heard my tips regarding your essays for your college application. This week I thought I’d share with...

holding toddler hand

Why I Didn’t Ask My College Student to Sign the FERPA Waiver

My daughter and I just returned from her freshman college orientation. We had a great, informative, jam-packed day and a...

easy student meals

Easy Student Meals: 73 Dorm Room Recipes for New College Cooks

Ok, we get it. Ramen is the stereotypical college student food. And we’re not saying it’s not good. It is…...

SAT student search

College Board Explained: What Is the SAT Student Questionnaire and Student Search Service?

Once upon a time, I served as an SAT Test Center Administrator. Part of my duties included hiring proctors to...

puzzle holistic admissions

Holistic Admissions: The Meaning and Reasons

Attend any information session delivered by admissions employees at any competitive college or university and you’re almost guaranteed to hear...

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