student gets covid-19 on campus

Who Is Liable If Your Student Gets COVID-19 on Campus?

Fall 2020 plans are barreling ahead. Students are packing up their computers, XL twin sheets, and… masks. And everyone is...

Student Mental Health: Finding Help

Student mental health has, thankfully, become a hot topic on college campuses. Administrations have grown to realize that young adults...

virtual college tours online

The Best Virtual College Tours Online

If you’re a rising senior this summer, you’ve hopefully started planning some college visits. But how is that going to...

reopening colleges

Reopening Colleges: Dr. Fauci Weighs In

The leading expert on all things COVID-19, Dr. Anthony Fauci, discussed possible scenarios related to reopening colleges and universities in...

The Shakeup of Standardized Testing: CampusChat Live with Akil Bello

Very, very rarely does “breaking news” happen in college admissions. It’s a pretty predictable kind of news beat. However, it...

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