Perspectives on Dorm Life from an International Student

The trees, the people, the colors on the walls, everything can impact our perception of a place (especially when choosing...

online courses

Top Universities for Online Courses 2019

There are lots of “best of” lists at the end of every year, and we have a new favorite for...

FAFSA video

Let’s Talk FAFSA Video: EFC, Separate Accounts, Dates, and More

Trillions of photos and videos are taken every day. Did you know that? Literally trillions. Billions of videos are watched...


12 Great Holiday Gifts for Students Who Have Everything

The holidays are upon us! We all want to find the perfect gift for our loved ones, whether it’s a...

moving school districts

Getting Into College: Moving School Districts?

When you work the phones in college admissions, you get some pretty crazy calls. A favorite was from a father...

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