founding fathers independence day

Independence Day: Which Founding Fathers Didn’t Attend College?

It’s July 4th! Happy Independence Day, America! Get your grills going and your fireworks ready! It’s a national party day!...

puzzle holistic admissions

Holistic Admissions: The Meaning and Reasons

Attend any information session delivered by admissions employees at any competitive college or university and you’re almost guaranteed to hear...

college loans

Need College Loans? These Are Companies the Experts Recommend

All of the excitement of college acceptance letters have faded away, and the realization of actually paying for college is...

AP exam advice

AP Exam Advice: Take the Credit or Leave It?

When the May 1 National Decision Deadline date comes and goes, you might think high school seniors can finally sigh...

College Admission Plan C

It seems like the whole world is set for fall. What if your college plans didn't pan out? Not to worry, even if Plan A and Plan B are history! There are plenty more letters in the alphabet.

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