application essay

My Favorite College Admissions Application Essay Ever

Last week you heard my tips regarding your essays for your college application. This week I thought I’d share with...

holding toddler hand

Why I Didn’t Ask My College Student to Sign the FERPA Waiver

My daughter and I just returned from her freshman college orientation. We had a great, informative, jam-packed day and a...

easy student meals

Easy Student Meals: 73 Dorm Room Recipes for New College Cooks

Updated: June 3, 2020 Ok, we get it. Ramen is the stereotypical college student food. And we’re not saying it’s...

SAT student search

College Board Explained: What is the SAT Student Questionnaire and Student Search Service?

Once upon a time, I served as an SAT Test Center Administrator. Part of my duties included hiring proctors to...

founding fathers independence day

Independence Day: Which Founding Fathers Didn’t Attend College?

It’s July 4th! Happy Independence Day, America! Get your grills going and your fireworks ready! It’s a national party day!...

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