10 ‘Harry Potter’ College Necessities

Hello, Harry Potter fans and Potterhead friends! Do you need a couple of magical items to show your allegiance with...

hated freshman year

What to Say During the Holidays If You’ve Hated Freshman Year at College

For many college freshmen, the breaks around the holidays mark the first time you’ll be back home. Many of you...

dorm room appliances

Dorm Room Appliances: Items to Complete Your Tiny Kitchen Area

Updated June 3, 2020 We recently shared 73 easy-for-a-student-to-make recipes. But what good is that list without the dorm room...

paying for college tips

Last-Minute Paying for College Info: Sallie Mae Facebook Live

College bills are being generated, and as such, college costs have turned from estimates to actuals. How to pay for...

orientation welcome

FERPA vs FAFSA: What I Learned at College Orientation

June 18, 2020 Update: Orientation this year is going to look very different. A lot of these points, from last...

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