May 1 decision day

Colleges Change Decision Deadlines Due to Coronavirus

In our article, College Admissions and Coronavirus: How Should You Make a Decision?, we recommended that students who have received...

coronavirus college decision

College Admissions and Coronavirus: How Should You Make a Decision?

High school seniors are currently sitting at home, wondering when it’s going to be “normal” again… just like the rest...

gap year coronavirus

Coronavirus Cancellations: Is This the Time for a Gap Year?

There has never been in recent history a year like this for high school seniors. World pandemics have little respect...

virtual graduation party

Virtual Graduation Party Ideas: Get Grandma On Zoom, Order Decorations, and More

Due to the cancellations surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic in the U.S., many states and thousands of schools systems and universities...

sad student coronavirus cancellations

Senior Year Coronavirus Cancellations: Supporting Your Grieving Student

High schools and colleges all over the country have closed due to the risk of Coronavirus transmission — some for...

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