Hiding from your college roommate in the study lounge is sometimes the only way for an introvert to get a little time away.

Roommate Avoidance Tactics: When You Just Need to Be Alone

Sometimes you need to practice roommate avoidance tactics, even if you're lucky enough to have a cool college roommate. What's an introvert to do?

Living With Strangers: How to Set Up Good Roommate Relationships

Living with a college roommate is a huge adjustment -- for BOTH roommates. If you've been rooming together just long enough to discover what really irritates you about the other, these tips are for you!

Choosing A Dorm: What to Look For

Choosing A Dorm: What to Look For

Once you’ve made the decision to live on campus, you still have to decide on a dorm. Even though the dorms are all on the same college campus, it’s possible they can be very different from each other.

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