Student Mental Health: Finding Help

Student mental health has, thankfully, become a hot topic on college campuses. Administrations have grown to realize that young adults...

college prediction calculators

Why You Shouldn’t Trust College Acceptance Prediction Calculators

As hard-working students, you’ve spent years cultivating your high school transcript. You’ve done community service. You’ve figured and refigured your...

college application definitions types

Smart Definitions: College Admission Application Types

If you are a high school senior and you’re applying to colleges, you should know there are several different college...

#CampusChat 8-27: The High School Counselor Relationship

#CampusChat 8-27: The High School Counselor Relationship

Did you know that your student’s high school counselor can be a valuable asset in the college admissions process? How...

Your College Admissions Essay: Get Real

Your College Admissions Essay: Get Real

John Carpenter, Director of Admissions and University Counseling at the United World College, UWC Costa Rica, responded with this guest...

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