COVID College Search: Tours, Student Panels, and Fairs In Your PJs

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, rising high school seniors would likely be spending some time during the summer and fall visiting...

virtual college tours online

The Best Virtual College Tours Online

If you’re a rising senior this summer, you’ve hopefully started planning some college visits. But how is that going to...

The Coming ‘Hybrid’ College Education

Higher education is preparing itself for the change it knew was coming, but didn’t want to think about. The elephant...

closed for coronavirus campus visits

Virtual College Tours: How to Visit a ‘Closed for Coronavirus’ Campus

Are you a high school junior planning college visits… to a closed for Coronavirus campus? Or a senior who is...

classes move online covid-19

Campuses Close Due to COVID-19; Classes, Visits Move Online

If you’re an admitted student or a high school junior planning spring college visits, chances are the college or university...

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