change your college decision

Can You Change Your College Decision After May 1?

After years of planning, months of applications, weeks of college visits, and waiting for those emails to come through before...

sat adversity score

SAT Adversity Score Will Lead to Impersonal University Admissions

By now you’ve likely heard of the new SAT “adversity score.” This score will be reported to college admissions offices...


SAT Adversity Score: College Board Announces New Student Socioeconomic Measure

The College Board has announced a new score will be added to students’ SAT records. According to The Wall Street...

double deposit acceptance letter

The Double Deposit: When You Accept More Than One School

May 1 is the day that screams anxiety for a lot of high school seniors. If you’re holding a bunch...


Curbing Senioritis: How Colleges Review Final Grades

Seniors! Got a bad case of senioritis? Is dragging yourself to high school like a punishment right now? You’ve (hopefully)...

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