college decisions for fall 2020

Coronavirus Impact: What Has Your College Decided to Do for Fall 2020?

Update: The California State University system is planning to cancel nearly all in-person classes until spring semester 2021, according to...

Talladega Nights Sony Pictures

How Ricky Bobby Helped Get a Kid Into College: Calculating Risk With College Essays

I had to chuckle today when Facebook reminded me of my post from 10 years ago. At the time I...

college closes

Coronavirus Impact: What Do You Do If Your College Closes?

One thing is for certain – the COVID-19 pandemic has most certainly left many families in limbo. There are too...

college education

Coronavirus Impact: Financial Losses Hitting Colleges Hard

Colleges and universities across the country are reeling from all aspects of the coronavirus pandemic. Unfortunately, some schools fear being...

SAT exam

Test Optional? Coronavirus Pushes More Colleges to Drop SAT, ACT

High school juniors are trying to figure out what to do with recently cancelled SAT and ACT dates. due to...

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