weighted gpa

Weighted GPA: Why a 4.0 Doesn’t Always Equal 4.0

Have you ever been at a party with friends when someone says, “I can’t believe SuchAndSuch didn’t get into XYZ...

pg year athletics post-graduate

‘PG Year’ Explained: How a Post-Graduate Year Can Help

Have you ever heard of a PG or post-graduate year? Not many people have. And in some cases, a PG...

puzzle holistic admissions

Holistic Admissions: The Meaning and Reasons

Attend any information session delivered by admissions employees at any competitive college or university and you’re almost guaranteed to hear...

AP exam changes books

A B in AP or an A in Regular Class?

For many high school students, summer means turning in a list of requested courses for the next year. Admission offices...

summer experiences

What Summer Experiences Look Best On College Applications?

What’s one of the most popular questions admissions representatives get? I can’t tell you how often a student would ask...

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