out-of-state college

Why It’s Sometimes Easier to ‘Get In’ to an Out-Of-State College

When I worked as a college recruiter, I can’t tell you the number of times I talked to students who...

college admissions fairs

College Admissions Fairs: Top 10 Questions to Ask and Also Avoid

It’s pumpkin spice season, and that also means it’s time for college admissions fairs! In the world of college admissions,...

demonstrated interest

College Admissions Talk: What Is Demonstrated Interest?

If you’re new to the college admissions world, whether as a student, parent, or professional, sometimes the lingo alone might...

learning disabilities

Should You Disclose Learning Disabilities on College Applications?

As an admissions counselor, I fielded anonymous phone calls from parents asking if their student should disclose learning disabilities or...

application essay

My Favorite College Admissions Application Essay Ever

Last week you heard my tips regarding your essays for your college application. This week I thought I’d share with...

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