learning disabilities

Should You Disclose Learning Disabilities on College Applications?

As an admissions counselor, I fielded anonymous phone calls from parents asking if their student should disclose learning disabilities or...

application essay

My Favorite College Admissions Application Essay Ever

Last week you heard my tips regarding your essays for your college application. This week I thought I’d share with...

essay tips

Essay Tips From an Essay Reader

I’ve read a lot of essays in my life. I’ve probably read tens of thousands of essays. In what feels...

weighted gpa

Weighted GPA: Why a 4.0 Doesn’t Always Equal 4.0

Have you ever been at a party with friends when someone says, “I can’t believe SuchAndSuch didn’t get into XYZ...

pg year athletics post-graduate

‘PG Year’ Explained: How a Post-Graduate Year Can Help

Have you ever heard of a PG or post-graduate year? Not many people have. And in some cases, a PG...

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