moving school districts

Getting Into College: Moving School Districts?

When you work the phones in college admissions, you get some pretty crazy calls. A favorite was from a father...

What Not to Ask at Holiday Dinners: Quick Refresher for Relatives of High School Seniors

We’re kicking off the holiday season, and all those holiday dinners. You’ll likely be seeing some form of teenage relative...

early decision

You Didn’t Get in Early Decision. Now What?

I understand the advantage (at some schools) of applying Early Decision. But I’ve never been an advocate of encouraging kids...

What are Naviance, Scoir, BigFuture, and Khan Academy

Admissions and Education Companies: What are Naviance, Scoir, BigFuture, Khan Academy?

“Back in my day,” I tell my kids, “we got a college application at a fair, maybe two in case...

out-of-state college

Why It’s Sometimes Easier to ‘Get In’ to an Out-Of-State College

When I worked as a college recruiter, I can’t tell you the number of times I talked to students who...

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