class of 2021

Class of 2021 College Admissions: What Colleges Want You to Know

The country has focused a lot of attention on the class of 2020 in the last six months. The coronavirus...

Is That Honor Society Legitimate?

It’s officially summer! School is out for real (not just for COVID-19)! And now that your student has officially moved...

test optional

What ‘Test Optional’ Really Means: CampusChat Live with Lauren Gaggioli

“To test… or NOT to test?” is actually the question on a lot of juniors and seniors’ minds right now!...


Online High School: When ‘Logging In’ Is a Better Fit Than ‘Going To’

Do you have a kid who thrived with online learning during the big COVID closure? Is the idea of going...

COVID College Search: Tours, Student Panels, and Fairs In Your PJs

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, rising high school seniors would likely be spending some time during the summer and fall visiting...

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