What is ZeeMee? Everything You Need to Know About The Admissions-Friendly Social Media

ZeeMee is a college admissions specific social media tool, allowing a student to create a multimedia profile about themselves to be viewed by counselors. At this writing, over 220 colleges and universities and 15,000 high schools partner with ZeeMee, so there's a good chance you or your student already is, or about to be, on the ZeeMee bandwagon. Find out more ...

What does your email address, or Twitter handle, tell the scholarship judges about you?

Scholarship Mom Tip #87: What Does Your Email Address Reveal?

Consider what your email address reveals about you to scholarship and admissions readers. Is it memorable? In a good way? Think about these points.

Attacked By Zombies Is Not An Excuse

Admission deadline. DEADline. No, we don’t mean the punk rock band, we mean college application admission deadlines! Admission submission deadlines...

Still Deciding Where To Apply? Try a Pros and Cons List

Still Deciding Where To Apply? Try a Pros and Cons List

If you are still deciding where to apply to college or which colleges are on your top 5 list, then it's time to make a pros and cons list.

Being a Tall Poppy

Being A Tall Poppy

-- Is standing out in a college admissions interview good or bad?

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