weighted unweighted gpa scales

Weighted or Unweighted GPA: Don’t Freak Out Over the Numbers

During the college admissions process, you might take a long hard look at your transcript. You might notice the “weighted”...

college application definitions types

Smart Definitions: College Admission Application Types

If you are a high school senior and you’re applying to colleges, you should know there are several different college...

final countdown

The High School Senior Countdown

Attention High School Seniors: Sorry. There’s no time for senioritis! For most high school seniors, the next 6-9 months are packed...

College Application Organizing Tips for Tackling Senior Year

by Leslie Josel, Principal, Order Out of Chaos When you are a senior your time is managed pretty well—by everyone...

Denied College Admission? It’s Nothing Personal

College admissions – it’s decision time. Like most college-bound high school seniors, you spent the last 12 months visiting colleges,...

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