essay tips

Essay Tips From an Essay Reader

I’ve read a lot of essays in my life. I’ve probably read tens of thousands of essays. In what feels...

weighted gpa

Weighted GPA: Why a 4.0 Doesn’t Always Equal 4.0

Have you ever been at a party with friends when someone says, “I can’t believe SuchAndSuch didn’t get into XYZ...

change your college decision

Can You Change Your College Decision After May 1?

Editor’s Note: With the current coronavirus pandemic, many students are wondering what to do in regard to the May 1...

college prediction calculators

Why You Shouldn’t Trust College Acceptance Prediction Calculators

As hard-working students, you’ve spent years cultivating your high school transcript. You’ve done community service. You’ve figured and refigured your...

choosing an acceptance offer

How to Choose the Best College Acceptance Offer for You

The emails and fat envelopes are coming in. You’re getting into colleges! Maybe even all of the ones you applied...

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