Ending the Community College Stigma

It’s time to stop making community college a second choice or a fallback option. It’s time to look at community...

Khan Academy test taker SAT

SAT Blues? Not a ‘Good Test-Taker’? Meet Khan Academy

Did you recently get your SAT score? For some of you, it may have been the first time you ever...

college admissions fairs

College Admissions Fairs: Top 10 Questions to Ask and Also Avoid

It’s pumpkin spice season, and that also means it’s time for college admissions fairs! In the world of college admissions,...

Transferring Colleges Mid-Year

You may have strong reasons for considering transferring colleges mid-year after only a single semester, but in many cases there are compelling reasons to wait it out for at least one more term.

Scholarship Mom Tip #151: The Word of the Day Matters

Scholarship Mom Tip #151: The Word of the Day Matters

Test prep programs are a great way to help students increase scores and a word of the day calendar can make a great gift to help build vocabulary.

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