test optional

What ‘Test Optional’ Really Means: CampusChat Live with Lauren Gaggioli

“To test… or NOT to test?” is actually the question on a lot of juniors and seniors’ minds right now!...

The Shakeup of Standardized Testing: CampusChat Live with Akil Bello

Very, very rarely does “breaking news” happen in college admissions. It’s a pretty predictable kind of news beat. However, it...

AP exam changes books

Coronavirus Impact: Online AP Exams Begin, Problems and Lawsuits Follow

Update 5/21/2020: A class action lawsuit has now been filed on behalf of the students who had problems with the...

online SAT test

Online SAT Test Coming This Fall

In response to school and testing centers closings due to the coronavirus, COVID-19, the College Board announced new online SAT...

summer test prep

International SAT, TOEFL, ACT Tests Postponed Due to Coronavirus Fears

International students in China, Iran, Mongolia, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and other areas have put their educational plans on hold. Due...

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