National Parents Day

It's National Parents Day! Yes, there's Mother's Day and Father's Day, but today you get to celebrate both of them. And you know they've done a pretty good job at raising you, right? Right?

International Day of Friendship

Designated by the United Nations, the International Day of Friendship strives to promote a simple human relationship that can make everyone's lives a little better. Be a friend. Reach out to your BFFs today. Old high school friends, new college friends, or someone you want to have as a friend... today is the day to
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Spider-Man Day

It's National Spider-Man Day. Marvel's Stan Lee first brought the web-slinging hero into the comic book universe in 1962. Celebrate the everyday high school kid -- just like you -- by watching your favorite Spider-Man movie. Also... Andrew Garfield or Tobey Maguire or Tom Holland? We prefer Tom Holland.

Broaden the Horizons

Sometimes, the best education is one you plot for yourself. This week, read a book or do some research about a culture or religion other than your own. Adventure online. Immerse yourself in the library. Find out something new outside of your world. Related: The Best Virtual College Tours Online

National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

It's National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day. We know you didn't need an excuse to eat one, but hey, you have an excuse to eat one! Or more! Start with the NESTLÉ® TOLL HOUSE® original chocolate chip cookie recipe.

Draft Your Personal Statement

Complete a rough draft of your Common Application Personal Statement. We didn't say finish it... but get a draft done. Consider it warming your brain back up for back-to-school. We recommend a Google Doc or something similar to jot things down when and where you can. You never know when inspiration might strike! RELATED: Essay
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Create Your Elevator Pitch

Do you know what an "elevator pitch" is? Consider completing an InitialView Elevator Pitch to send to colleges, especially if you have a non-traditional background, are homeschooled, or have an exceptional skill or talent to discuss.

September ACT Registration Deadline

It's the last day to register for the September ACT dates: September 12, 2020September 13, 2020 (Sunday)September 19, 2020 RELATED: The Shakeup of Standardized Testing

National Tell A Joke Day

We all need a good laugh, and today is the day for it. It's National Tell A Joke Day. Need a new joke to tell? See how far some jokes take you today. You and yours will be better for it.