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Is joining the honors program worth it?

Honors College: Is It Worth It?

There are definite perks to joining the honors college if offered, but there can be a downside.

Cracking The Code: How to Pay for College

When you look into how to pay for college -- really look into it -- you will find there are many ways to crack the code, beyond school scholarships alone.

Fight the freshman 15

The Fight Against the Freshman 15

The fight against the freshman 15 is definitely one you can win, as long as you're aware and taking steps toward avoiding that sneaky weight gain.

How get a job without experience? Summer internship.

How to Land Your First Internship

Summer internship – an excellent way to get job experience while still in college The comfort and safety of winter...

Planning ahead for college includes birth control. Be prepared

Preparing For The Unexpected: Birth Control

Planning ahead for college includes thinking about birth control. Being informed before you go is the way to go. Preparing...