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Scholarship Searches Don’t Take a Holiday

As the holidays approach, students everywhere are looking forward to kicking back, sleeping in, and basically taking it easy. Although it may be tempting, this is not a good idea if you're hoping to win college scholarship money.

Four Red Flags To Help You Avoid College Scholarship Scams

Unfortunately, many scholarship pages listed on a scholarship search are click-bait by companies whose main goal is to get as much information as possible from unsuspecting students. Learn how to spot a shady scholarship with these tips.

Apply now for college scholarships with December deadlines

5 College Scholarships with December Deadlines

Don't let the holiday rush keep you from applying for these five college scholarships with December deadlines. Students can devote some of their holiday break to the task.

Students -- if you are applying for scholarships you must remember to tweet smart!

Trusted Eyes Find College Scholarship Mistakes

Error-free college scholarship applications are a must, and trusted eyes will help you find college scholarship mistakes before you submit your applications.

Advice for Parents of Middle School Students

Reviewing Guidelines Can Make or Break Scholarship Applications

It is SMART to follow scholarship guidelines!