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change higher education

How COVID-19 Will Change Higher Education for the Better (If They Let It)

In 1995, I was a graduate student in English, writing a thesis about Henry V. I was also completely enamored...

Remote School: Inexpensive Office Pieces for Home Learning

School is back in session! And there are some localities in the U.S. where students are learning from home still....

2024 marist mindset list

2024 Marist Mindset List: A New Perspective, New Kindness

UPDATE 9/8/2020: As predicted, the new Marist Mindset List is a forward thinking snapshot of “how” the Class of 2024...

online drivers ed

Online Drivers Ed: How to Maneuver the Schedule

My teenage son finally looked at his sophomore year schedule the other day. Finally. And he discovered that he had...

second monitor

An Ode to the Second Monitor: Remote Learning Tips

I'm suspecting almost every student in America is learning online in some way this year. What's my number one tip for learning online? A second monitor.