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virtual assistants

Virtual Assistants Make Great Holiday Gifts for Students, Parents

This article originally appeared in our newsletter, CampusChat, on December 3, 2019. If you are not already a subscriber, become...

buying a computer for college

Buying a Computer for College

Trying to figure out about buying a computer for college? One of the things I did not realize we’d do...

college application definitions types

Smart Definitions: College Admission Application Types

If you are a high school senior and you’re applying to colleges, you should know there are several different college...

road trip rank colleges

Rank the College Before the Campus Visit

It was simple really. I wanted to get a sense of what my college-bound teen thought about a particular college before we went on the campus visit. So, I came up with a simple question to get him to rank a college before the campus visit.

final countdown

The High School Senior Countdown

Attention High School Seniors: Sorry. There’s no time for senioritis! For most high school seniors, the next 6-9 months are packed...